Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Heroin Girl

Oh my goodness...I am at work but I am just lit. I scored earlier today and my boyfriend and I split six dilaudid #8s before I went to work. Whoa. It's warm outside on top of everything else so I am pretty toasty right about now. I just inhaled a large Tim Horton's iced cappuccino and I am still thirsty - and now a wee bit queasy. Ha, serves me right for being so greedy. Might as well go big or stay home, right? I'll probably regret it later when I start nodding off at my desk but this is not something that I do very often. OK, I have actually never done anything quite as crazy as this so...Should be great fun when I start to crash. Hopefully the one and a half pills that I have put aside should get me thru the rest of my day.. Only five hours and fifty four minutes to go!!!

Well, I might as well pretend to do some work now that I am in the office. I can barely type let alone focus on my computer monitor. I'll be shocked if this post isn't littered with typos.

I am feeling kind of silly and want to break out in laughter for no good reason - better than nodding off which is something that I am fighting with right now also.

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