Friday, June 10, 2005


Well, I had an awful day yesterday that's for sure. I was coming back from a friend's house to get ready from work. It was just before lunch and I was traveling down one of our busier streets which had a bunch of pylons set up closing down one of the west bound lanes. As the traffic was merging I thought that I had enough room to get over to the far lane but of course, there had to be some ignorant driver who was not prepared to give up his place in the line. I ended up hitting him although at first I thought that I had hit one of the pylons. If he hadn't had tried to cut me off this would never have happened. I don't know why he had to accelerate as quickly as he did at that exact moment but things ended up getting really messy from that point onward. I kept driving and it wasn't until I was two lights away that I realized that he was chasing me. He kind of signaled so I pulled over into a bank's parking lot. He was really ignorant but I tried to ignore his attitude. He tried to block my truck from leaving by parking his vehicle perpendicular to mine. I even tried to give him my keys just in case he thought that I was going to go anywhere. Like where would I go?

Anyway the cops showed up and even though it was his fault, I ended up getting charged because I was driving with a suspended license and arrested on the spot altough I was released right then and there. I have to go to court on July 25th at 9am. The officer that arrested me will also be there so that should be fun. boy, can I not wait for that. I ended up not going into work at all either cause by the time that I was done with the cops it was almost 3pm so it made no sense to go into work. Wish that I didn't have to be at work today cause I feel really awful. I can barely keep my eves open. This is killing me right about now too.

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