Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day!!!

I can not believe that it is already morning. Happy Canada Day I guess...I still work my normal shift so I had more or less blocked out the fact that it was a holiday which may actually leave me in a bit of a precarious position dope wise today for work - I'll think about that later. On the positive side, I do get paid two and a half times my normal pay for working today so that is kind a sweet - half a week's pay for one day's work basically - not bad even if the government will end up taking most of this "extra" money. Whatever.

Today has to be better than yesterday cause if it is not, I am sure that I will end up losing it. My day pretty much went south the moment I got up. First off, my girlfriend and I were to go downtown to get our OHIP cards as both of us never did get a card with our photo's on it. Both of us had the original white with red stripe card from years and years back. We were going to bus it and had planned on being on the 11:45am bus as this would end up giving us loads of time before I had to go to work - I work at 2pm. Jim hadn't left for work yet so he said that he would drive us and even though I was a little skeptical about him getting us where we wanted to go on time, I said yes, sure, that would be nice as it certainly would save us from having to walk in yesterday's God awful humidity...Suddenly Sara is running out to me in the living room stating that it was 1:15pm, dadadadada and yadayadayada. So I hustle Jim together because I had just remembered that I had to go to the bank as tomorrow the banks were all closed for Canada Day and I still needed to deposit rent which is automatically withdrawn from our account on the first of every month. I also receive postdated monthly cheques in the amount of $275 - that is another story for another day.

Every month I end up going semi ballistic searching everywhere for these stupid post dated cheques so a friend said that I could give them to my bank to hold onto and that on the first of each month, my bank would deposit them in my account. Seemed like a brilliant solution to my current disorganization so after cashing last month's cheque, I handed the teller the remaining six post dates. Actually just before I handed my babies over I confirmed actually what was about to occur. The teller stated that they would keep my cheques at the branch and that I could expect it deposited by 10am on the first of every month. A couple of things before I continue. This was not my home branch but she said that this was no longer as important as it used to be and that you could actually go to any TD Canada Trust for any sort of maintenance of your account i.e. address change, new bank card, Visa application, you think of something, it could be done...Cool. Except for a handful of branches in this city, TD Canada Trust is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and then on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. The remaining branches do not open on Saturdays and are only open during the week from 9am to 6pm. Of course, I give my post dates to one of these oddball branches and of course I want that $275 as soon as I can and as Friday is a holiday and this branch wasn't even open on Saturdays, I would end up having to wait until Monday for my money. While I was depositing the rent, I explained about these post dates and asked the teller - a different one than last month although she was also there but serving another customer - if she could just grab July's cheque for me as I would just take it to one of the other TD's that were open on Saturday.

She looks at me kind of blankly and mutters something about me putting a stop payment on it so I attempted to clarify by stating that it was not a post dated cheque that I had written but one that had been written to me and that this branch was looking after this cheque and five others for me. She then stated that they do not keep post dates on site but that they are all sent down to some central processing center or some such nonense. I tried to ask why I was told otherwise but I never actually did get an acceptable answer. I said that I would never have given up my cheques had I known that they would be leaving the branch. I asked them as they were not open Saturday and I assumed neither was the processing centre - I was right - that I would like them to retrieve the cheque and I would pick it up later in the day. They asked me how they would do that and I answered that I assumed that they used some sort of intercity courier between branches and could they not do that. Apparently not. The processing centre is located in town so it was not as if I was demanding that they courier a cheque down from Toronto or something like that.

OK I have so forgotten my train of thought cause I had to walk away from this entry for like four hours. I know that all that rambling was about to lead up to something but now for the life of me, I have no idea exactly what that something is. Oh well, as they say it must have been important. Well, as I kind of remember the mood or theme that I was going for, I certainly can share another feel sorry for me anecdote. For some reason, I got a killer headache at work. I kind of over did it the day before and I think that I ended up taking the same if not more before I got to work yesterday. I know that I felt so incredibly tired and it was a real struggle to keep my eyes open. I rarely have a yearning for it, but yesterday I wanted speed so badly that at 3:30pm I called my boyfriend to go grab me some to help me get thru the rest of my day. I am still waiting at 6pm and by this time, I was starting to do a slow boil. When I called home, he was still there. He said that he had fallen out and I have to admit that I may have over-reacted just a tad. I basically demanded that he get his ass right down here and do me that long overdue favour so he did. I gave him some money and realistically he should have been back to me within the half hour. I am even allowing for chit chat time cause she only lives about six minutes away from my work.

I ended up taking $260 out of the bank. I reasoned that if they could not deposit my cheque until after the holiday then my rent should not come out either so I took $260 from the rent money that I had deposited earlier which will then be replaced with my cheque on Monday. Seemed absolutely flawless to me. So I go back to my desk to wait. Now I have a timer of sorts on my computer here at work and I happened to notice that the counter was fast approaching an hour which meant that Jim had been gone almost an hour and no sight of him so I got up off my ass to call him. He does not answer his cell so I call TS's house. When she answers I ask if he was there and of course he was. Talked to him for a bit to ask him what he was doing and he said that he hadn't been looked after yet. Excuse me? So I said give the phone back to her and I then asked her if there was any reason that she had not got to him yet. She said yes, cause she didn't have anything. OK, so why the heck wouldn't you let him know that at the outset rather than make him wait an eternity. Believe it or not, by this time I was done work so I just told him to come and get me.

There actually are a couple more what went wrong stories that I could recount but I am no longer in the mood. Time to move on from yesterday cause today is not shaping up much better!!!!OK need to at least pretend to do some work.

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