Tuesday, January 01, 2013

sickgirl's 2013 RESOLUTIONS

Update this blog on a more regular basis.

Finally finish redecorating my living room and start my bedroom redecoration. Bought all new living room furniture including a new 47' flat screen TV last year but didn't do much more than dump it all into the living room with little thought to arrangement or presentation. My bedroom is in dire straits and long overdue for an update.

Start sewing a lot more so that I can rework and update my wardrobe with some trendier and edgier outfits.

Revamp my current hairstyle with a brand new contemporary cut and colour.

Seriously change my eating habits so that I am eating healthier as well as start some sort, any sort, of exercise program. Really want to lose the extra weight that I gained while on methadone and now that I am finished treatment I have no more excuses!

Finish my PTSD therapy and finally move on and put our 2008 attack and Jim's stabbing behind me.

Now that I have finally returned to work - more on this later - increase my work hours from part time to full time.

Socialize more with both my family and friends. No more of this near hibernation - this is part of the moving forward since the attack.