Monday, June 18, 2007

Now I Am At Peace

Well we are now pretty much settled into our new job and home. The first month is behind us and seeing how we both managed to survive the insanity of managing a 240 plus unit luxury highrise thus far, it can only mean smooth sailing from here on in! So far, so good. I wasn’t quite sure what I would actually think about this position when we first started, but now I have to admit that I actually really enjoy it.

Our “hours” are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday plus we are “on call” every other weekend and every Tuesday and Thursday night, so not so bad. We got our first full pay check almost two weeks ago and after taxes, we cleared just shy of $1200 which is pretty darn good when you take into consideration that our rent, utilities, cable, phone and internet is also looked after before we actually receive this pay. We literally have no bills to speak of any more, so when this is factored into the whole equation, a net amount of $2400/month to use as our disposable income is pretty kickass. It’s definitely the best place financialy that we’ve been able to manage this past decade.

On top of this, I also receive $565/month from my father’s estate and I will for the next fourteen months to come, plus, Jim gets $200/week or approx $800/month from his parents and will continue to receive for the next few months also. So altogether, it looks as if we now have a take home income of $3765 each month for the very near future. Finally I’m in a position to buy new furniture for our entire place - have already started with new furniture for our bedrooms and dining room!

I know that its only money and up to this point of my life, I have been the farthest thing imaginable from materialistic, but as my girls get older - and I guess as I, too, get older - it suddenly has started to seem kind of important. Spending the previous five years living pay to pay certainly hasn’t done anything to help this mindset either I must admit. Please don’t crucify me yet, either as I’ve not suddenly taken to getting down on my knees to thank the god almighty of money - not yet, anyway!