Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I just got the best news ever although my Manager is still recovering from my reaction to the change. The project that I am currently on is ending effective now. From now on I will be on another dedicated project Monday to Friday 2pm to 8pm. I agreed to work two nights a week until 10pm so that I could be cross trained on a few other projects as they expect the project that I am on will also be ending fairly shortly. No problemo. I have been here two years and the whole time I have been begging for part time hours to no avail. I will believe it when I see it but effective tomorrow I am working 2-8pm for the rest of the week now I had booked next week off of work ages ago cause Mom and I are going on a three day shopping trip to Toronto so we'll see what's the what when I get back.

About the trip. My Mom wasn't all that well thru the fall and winter and a lot of the spring and I did my best to help her - she doesn't know how to drive and my father passed away a couple of years ago so...I took her to the hospital and sat with her a number of times, took her to all of her doctor's appointments, groceries, etc and this trip is her way of saying thank you. We are leaving Tuesday morning at 8am by Via Rail arriving at 10:05am - it is only London to Toronto - and coming back at 7pm on Thursday evening. Mom has booked us into the Holiday Inn on King Street and it looks real fancy and stuff. Well here, take a look yourself. Isn't it pretty?

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