Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Time To Live

A wee bit of excitement on the home front these past two weeks or so. The day before my 43rd birthday, my daughter’s cat had a litter of five kittens. The mother seems to be doing exceptionally well too. This is my first experience, believe it or not as I was denied the privilege of having any kind of pet as a child! I was just as excited as the kids were.

My birthday came and went with relatively little fanfare. You reach a certain age and I guess you really don’t need to be reminded of your diminishing youth. My Mother took me out to lunch which was quite nice all things considering. By this I mean that I have just recently started interacting with my Mother after a seventeen month separation - this is too long a story for today but shortly I think that I’ll be strong enough to share all of its miserable bits with you. My girls bought me a beautiful blank notebook for me to use as my journal and another “coffee table” book on decorating cause that’s one of my passions!

Monday of this week there was a bit of a tragedy in our house as one of the kittens passed way. Unfortunately it was Sara that made the discovery when she had gotten home from school. Jim and I were on our way home when she called us screaming and crying. She took it exceptionally hard and spent most of the night crying and mourning over the loss of the little kitten. We talked quite a bit and the next day she came to me to say that while she was still upset, she would be able to get over it.

So life and death were the two themes of the past half month but at least we’ve all been able to see that silver lining. I will remain an optimist a bit longer it would seem. Cheers!!!