Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pathetic Cowards

Wow, what a day at work! There were fifty four people laid off today not in the department that I work in but still within the same company. It was pretty emotional to say the least. No one seems to know - or prepared to answer - whether or not the contract was finished or whether Microsoft pulled the plug on it. Tres weird. What was weirder - and pretty ignorant I think - was the fact that head of Human Resources had the day off of work. Duh? Don't you think if you were doing a layoff of this magnitude that HR should be present? Also, the manager of the call center was also absent so it was left to one of the team leads to do all of the dirty work. Nicole is a super nice girl but she can't be anymore than 24 and has only been a team lead for about three weeks so she took this all pretty hard. What a bunch of cowards!!!

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