Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Feel Inspired!!!

Well, cause I was quite surprised at how well my painted headboard turned out, I had enough confidence to try something else in our bedroom. Seeing how I still had more than half of the paint left over and more than enough beige walls in which to fill, I thought that I would paint another grouping of squares on a different piece of wall. This time I painted even coloums with the squares reaching from the floor up to the ceiling. I only did three coloumns, each with 7 squares, cause I wasn't sure exactly how much paint I actually had left over - believe it or not, I still have some paint left!!! This project also turned out quite well. I am very pleased and now I know that I will be brave enough to try something in our living room/dining room soon. Not doing anything in those two rooms quite yet as we need new furniture and I am just waiting for my income tax refund. Once I decide on what furniture to buy then I will think about painting and stuff. I hate waiting for this money cause right now everything is on hold in those rooms but I can't really do anything until I get this money back. I have temporary curtains up and a slipcover over the couch. We have our large solid wook coffee table and one of those ottoman cubes but that is pretty much it. We have a black laquer floormodel 27" tv which is surrounded by two floor to ceiling book cases/shelving units done in black metal piping. Those are the only things staying once I get my refund. We are chucking absolutely everything else from the living room. As we left our dining room stuff behind when we moved, there is not too much to get rid of in that room although it is not completely bare. Anyway, my painting went on a lot longer than I anticipated so it is quite late and I am off to bed.

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