Sunday, June 05, 2005

Double Grrrr

OK Firefox is acting all weird and for some reason when I am in rich text mode it will not let me get to the entry field. Tried tabbing to it, tried clicking repeatedly with my mouse inside of it, tried refreshing, opening another window...but nothing. Oh well, not something that will end up changing my life so might as well move on. This city sucks big. There have been no dilaudids around in a long itme, well a week now, and the only thing that we have been able to get are 40mg oxys which is better than nothing but no where near the same as my Lady Dis. Whatever. I mean I can feel them and all but they don't have the same rush to them and they certainly don't seem to last the same length of time. This weekend my boyfriend and I have already gone thrugh thirteen of them and it is only Sunday morning before 8am. About the only good thing is that they are considerably cheaper, well, also I guess they are keeping any sickness at bay so...

They make me itch which I do not like and also, kind of make my stomach upset. The itching is driving e insane. I may take a shower in a few moments which should help some. My boyfriend says that they are crap but he has been on the nod all weekend so they obviously have an affect on him no matter what he says. I guess that I am bummed cause I don't feel anywhere near as good as he apparently is feeling so I am feeling sorry for myself. I mean what else are weeends for? On the other hand I have gotten quite a lot of stuff done so far. I made new curtains for the living room and covered one of those ottoman cubes with matching fabric. I also am almost finished making a new skirt for work. I still have a pile of laundry to put away but that is my least favourite chore so I am putting that off as long as possible.

OK I am terribly thirsty right now so I guess that I will get a glass of juice and maybe something to eat.

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