Monday, December 13, 2004


I am currently watching the new movie "Closer" with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts and Jude Law and Nathalie Portman. Goodness gracious, Clive is quite the prickly bastard and I am not too fond of what Julia has been doing to him either. Jude is an absolute wanker and Nathalie is probably the most realistic of the group but a right bitch at the same time...The film is very character driven with little action. It is nice to see a film that relies on the characters to drive the story as opposed to the action of car chases or shoot em ups or whatever else qualifies as entertainment these days..Anyway must get back to the film. Need to pay attention to the dialog. P.S. Very disturbing film. Not a very pretty picture is painted of modern relationships that is for sure. Four very insecure, self-absorbed individuals that are unable to comprehend what goes on around them and are dumbfounded when their relationships falter and ultimately crash and burn. Very tragic.

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