Monday, December 20, 2004

Nicotine and Alcohol

OK, so my husband is in a right awful mood. We are out of smokes and he is having the nicotine fit of his life. He is being abrupt and mean to both Sara and I. I guess that this would not be the best time to tell him that the pot that I found in the couch was Sara's. She admitted it to me once we were home. I picked her up from her friend's house around 7:30pm - the friend that I am not too keen on. Oh well. I ended up giving it back to her because I didn't really know what else to do. When I first asked her about it, she asked me if I wanted to keep it and I said no, absolutely not. I don't smoke pot anyway. I gave it back but I said that she better not make me regret this decision.

Jim is still really mad at my friend that had borrowed our truck today. She didn't get it back until almost 4pm which meant that there was no point in going out to work today at all but that also meant that we have no money until tomorrow or later, who knows. If he had been able to go out today, he could have grabbed the money from our washing machines that we have at the apartment but now it is too late. And this has probably wrecked his chances of getting his pay cheque early this week also. Oh I don't know. I am thinking that I am going to go over to her house now so that I can get smokes from her because I don't feel like waiting until some time tomorrow either.

Sara and I watched Closer and Garden State tonight both of which are really great movies. Nathalie Portman is in both of them and she is wonderful. She is maturing into an amazing young lady. Very graceful. I watched Flight of the Phoenix with Dennis Quaid this afternoon and I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it. Was a little long but as I didn't expect an awful lot from it, I was quite pleasantly surprised by it.

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