Sunday, December 19, 2004

Still feeling the pain...

Still not feeling 100%. I stayed up last night until about 6am and have been sleeping on and off since then but I have to pick up Sara shortly so I thought that I had better get up and start moving around. My sinuses have gotten t he better of me today so far - feels like they are on fire and there is an awful taste in my mouth that I can not get rid of no matter how many times I brush my teeth. Jim is kind of in a crap mood. A friend of ours borrowed our truck last night to help another friend do some moving and she was supposed to have the vehicle back by 10am so that he could go to work. Well, I am just walking in the door from dropping her off at her house! Only six hours late. Shouldn't make a fuss about something as insignificant as this. Whatever. So now Jim is essentially seven hours late for work and Tracey didn't even seem the least bit remorseful which has only made Jim angrier.
Still have to pick up my daughter from her friend's house before Jim goes to work also. This should be interesting. Jim found an empty pack of cigarettes in the front pocket of her knapsack and I found a small baggy with pot in it in the couch last night...I know the smokes were not ours as neither one of us has ever smoked the brand that she had. Now I know the pot is definitely not mine and I am fairly sure that it is not Jim's either so that doesn't really leave too many others. She had a friend over on Tuesday of last week that was sitting in the exact place that I found it so it is either hers or John's. Sara has been known to bend the truth a little bit in the past so it should be interesting to hear what I am sure will be a creative explanation

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