Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I am so mad I could spit. Both my husband and I have to work this evening which is pretty unusual. Normally he works the day and I work the night that way there is usually someone always around for our fourteen year old daughter. I work until 2am tonight and I am going to grab Jim once I am finished work so realistically, the earliest that we could get home is probably 3am. When this happens that we are both working thru the night, Sara usually has a friend sleep over to keep her company or she goes to spend the night at a friend's house. One of her friends has had Sara stay with her when her mother is going to be late or sometimes Heather would come to us. Jim having to work was very last minute so when Sara got home I asked her to get in touch with Heather so that I could make arrangements with her mother concerning tonight. For some reason, Lori had decided that tonight was going to be a mother/daughter night and that that was that - not open for discussion I believe were her words. I mean, really. This is the first time that Lori has been so inflexible. I guess that she is back dating Gavin again and each and every time that they reconcile, she starts really acting out of character. Doesn't help that Heather does not like Gavin at all either. Heather is not too pleased with her mother right now and I have to admit that neither am I. Sara has since gone over to her friend Stephanie's but after the weekend, this pretty much was the last person that I wanted Sara to spend time with.

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