Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hump Day

Made it to work again today stress free...hope that this is a new trend because this is definitely something that I could get used to! I had some errands to run after Jim got home from work so I ran out quickly to do them. When I got back, Sara was home from school already and she had a friend, John, with her. Jim seemed to be in a good mood also. John is very polite which Jim likes to find in teenagers and so many of Sara's friends rarely take the time to acknowledge us that John is a refreshing change. If they are unable to even say "hi" to us, Jim gets in a foul mood and makes their visit pretty unbearable. I don't blame him either. It doesn't take much effort to say hello.

Work has been speeding along nicely. I am only going to stay in the office until midnight tonight so that I can catch the last bus home. Usually I have the truck but a friend needed the truck to move some of his equipment from one garage to another and he is out of town. He won't get the vehicle back until 9am tomorrow so if I stay until 2am I will have to take a cab home and that costs about $18.00. Don't feel like paying that much to a cabbie so last bus it is. That means that Will is left alone in the office once I am gone but it is not normally too busy after midnight anyway. Last night I only took two calls from midnight until I left at 2am so I think that he should be fine without me. OK back to work for me...

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