Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some Particulars

I guess a little bit about myself - my current self. I have been with the same partner for just over 15 years. We have seen each other thru the good, the bad and the ugly. I truly love and adore him and trust him with my entire being. We are what I would consider reasonably successful. He owns his own business and I do troubleshooting for a software company that distributes dvd burning software. I have seven years post secondary education - an HBA in History from the University of Western Ontario and my Business Diploma - Marketing from Fanshawe College. I would like to go back to school to study some courses in Web Design also. Between the both of us, our combined take home pay each month is around $3700. We have also gotten our expenses pretty much in order as neither one of us has any credit cards or any sort of bank loan any more. Our vehicle, a 1998 Ford 150 extended cab pick up truck, is also owned outright so other than our rent and phone each month, our only bill is our truck’s insurance. When we sold our house(s) I made sure that whatever we rent includes all utilities. We currently live in what I would consider a semi-luxury high rise. Our rent is $910 a month but that includes our utilities and underground parking, a godsend in the winter. I would say that the average price of a decent two bedroom apartment in this city would be about $725 a month and I definitely consider what we have considerably more luxurious than the average. We have almost 1400 square feet plus two full bathrooms that are quite a decent size. We have an eat-in kitchen with a dishwasher, ample storage both off of the entrance and in our bedroom and balconies off of both of bedroom and our living room.

If you click right here you can actually see the floor plan for our unit - not bad at all. We live in a grouping of six identical high rises but they are situated on beautifully landscaped grounds with lots of trees and rolling hills. There is also an outdoor swimming pool which is well maintained and a sauna and whirlpool inside. Anyway, we are pretty happy with our situation right now. I had a reason for providing all of this info when I started but after a few distractions, I can no longer remember what point I had intended to make and why it was important that you understood the financial details of my life. Well, as I now have to start getting ready for work I will post this as is and hopefully by the time I get to work, I will have remembered my original train of thought!

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