Friday, July 01, 2005

Waiting for the Man

I just don't get it - it is now 3:19pm and I was dropped off to work an hour and a half ago. My boyfriend was to pick up another friend, they were to go over to collect some oxys around the corner from my work and then drop them off to me. Realistically, it should have taken no more than 40 minutes maximum and I am being way generous with my time. I made the trip last night and had to first go across town to get Jamie, then halfway across to get the pills, take him home and then take myself home. The entire trip took me one hour and 15 minutes and I had twice the amount of driving easy. I don't know, maybe she is not there today which would suck big cause I am starting to get mucho sick. My eyes have started to run, etc. And of course, I know the dip shit won't answer his cell phone cause he is way late for work already and is avoiding his boss. Guess that there is not much to do but wait....Sucks to be me right now I tell you. Two bloody days in a row now.

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