Monday, November 29, 2004

Oops work did it again...

So now on the heels of the contest that management is holding, we have just found out that we have lost one of our biggest contracts because of some legal problems that they are having with Sprint. See Today 24 people got laid off from that project today until further notice. I think that there are only four left in that department now. So far my position has not been affected by everything that is going on at work. My boss said that my hours were guaranteed and not to worry about anything. To be honest I wasn't really worried about my job security but I am pretty upset about the ones that got laid off. Morale is now pretty low at work which is to be expected. A lot of those that got laid off were students working part time to supplement their income. And it is barely a month before Christmas too. Who cares about the prize money right now?

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