Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Disappointments of our Youth

I don't know what is wrong with me or why I let myself get into these situations with my daughter but I am right now having to justify my actions with regard to my daughter to my husband and once again I am left defending my 14 year old and feeling like a big chump. I feel so stupid for allowing myself to get into these situations and yet I seem to stumble from one to another with amazing frequency. First of all, Sara was going to a birthday party last night and had to meet a group of her friends downtown at the Galleria Food Court at 5pm. We were also going to pick up Stephanie on the way there, she knew we were coming to get her, but when we got to her house her mother had said that she had gone off with her sister. We continued on without her.

The birthday party was going to Call the Office last night to see a band and then the girls were going back to Sam's for a sleepover. They were all going to split on a cab to get home. Of course, Stephanie had to be the odd one out and go see a show at the Embassy. As I would normally work until 2am on a Friday, Sara volunteered me to pick Stephanie up after the show to run her over to the sleepover but I ended up getting the night off of work so I really wasn't going to be out and about at that time. Sara was having a hard time understanding that picking up Stephanie was not the most convenient thing to do either. I wouldn't have minded had it been anyone else but her as she has got to be one of the most ungrateful kids that Sara knows. Anyway, I said that I would do this as I was left with the impression that Stephanie would be by herself, etc. Now it turns out that Tracey was borrowing the truck for the night so she said that she would pick up Stephanie and then swing by to grab me prior to dropping Stephanie at the party. I called the Embassy to find out approx what time the show would be done and Tracey got there about 10 mins before the shows end. Stephanie called about ten after one and said could I come and pick her up now. I explained that my friend had the truck and that she would drive her here and then to the party. I even said that she was waiting outside right now and to go get in the truck. I don't think anything of it but a half an hour later Tracey calls to find out where Stephanie is. I was furious.

I called the bar and luckily Eadie answered the phone. I explained the situation and he managed to round up Stephanie and her sister who was apparently with her although she failed to mention this fact at any time. Why would she leave Tracey sitting out there for half an hour? How rude and inconsiderate is she actually. Long and short of it is that Stephanie said she felt sick and wanted to go home. Tracey dropped her off at her house and then came to get me so that I could drop in at the sleepover to see what was going on. Unfortunately Stephanie was to supply me with the address, etc and without her I had no idea where we were going so I had to call her. I gave her a few openings in the conversation to say thank you but not once did she offer her thanks. Needless to say, I am pretty mad. My husband is even angrier because he feels that Sara needs to take responsibility for her friend's actions especially when we are doing favors for her and them. He thinks that she is not held responsible nor does she feel enough guilt over the situation as she has just called to see if I could drive two of her other friends home this afternoon. He wants to know where their parents are and why can't they pick up their own kids? I know that he is right but I end up caving into whatever Sara wants me to do and I know that I do not hold her accountable, for her friend's actions or her very own even.

So I am kind of sad now...

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