Sunday, November 28, 2004

My Stupid, Stupid Work

You know, each and every time I go into the office, I am more and more amazed at management's absolute utter stupidity. One of the departments has been pretty slow lately so they have had to cut some hours of a lot of those within the department. A couple of the guys went to management and asked to by laid off so that they could at least qualify for full unemployment benefits rather than have reduced hours and then the risk that their position is made redundant and not be able to collect the maximum amount from unemployment. A lot of this department uses college and university students and pretty much all of them have had their hours cut by about a third. This alone pretty much sucks big but what does management decide to do? Well, definitely add insult to injury. They just sent an email to everyone that they were going to have an "incentive contest" that would last for two months. We are put into teams and the team with the "lowest" score divides a prize of $1200 and the individuals with the lowest score divides a prize of $800. Scores are based on our attendance - perfect attendance means a score of zero. Now this would be a wonderful incentive program had it say, not been announced two days after everyone had their hours cut. Talk about a slap in the face. So, if they have an extra $2000 kicking around why not apply that towards say, I don't know, paying the staff who have just had their hours cut...Duh is pretty much all that I can say at this point. Again, shaking my head in utter disbelief...

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