Sunday, March 02, 2008

Victim of Crime Part II

So after Jim and I got home from the cop shop last Saturday, Sara mentioned that while she was out in the lobby mopping the floors - she recently got a part time job with the same company that Jim and I work for - some crazy lady approached her to ask her for a light for her smoke. Sara said that she did not have one and tried to return to her work. The next thing, she is chasing after this chick who apparently just took it upon herself to walk straight into our apartment. As Sara was going after her, Katie looked up from what she was reading and noticed this strange woman standing in the middle of our living room.

Both of them confronted her, demanding that she get out of our home ASAP. Good for them, yet still kind of creepy. The girls obviously shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this either. Anyway, later on that day, I went up to work in the same unit that my purse had been taken from the night before. About a half an hour into my work there, I heard the handle of the front door. It was as if someone was shaking it or trying to get into the unit. I quietly walked down the hall to look out of the peep hole to see who it was but I couldn't see anything. All of a sudden I heard Jim's voice asking someone why they were trying to enter this unit.

As she was about to answer, I opened the door to see Jim and this obviously cracked out woman standing in the hall. From their right, I also noticed that Sara was now coming down the hall. I asked her if this was the same woman that was in our apartment earlier today and she said yes. I read the riot act to her, especially as she is not even a tenant of this apartment building - sadly, she is actually somebody's mother!

I've had a couple of run ins with this lady. Recently, I found her standing in the middle of our lobby nodding off. I had to wake her up from her nod to find out what she was even doing there. To Jim's earlier question, she had some lame answer that she thought that this was the apartment of the guy she was supposed to meet for dinner. A bloody likely story I might add. When I told this to my Regional Manager, she said that this individual had been caught the week prior trying to get into units at the sister building right beside ours. She is now going to get a trespassing order taken out on her so that it will be illegal for her to even be on any of these properties.

I am pretty confident that she was the one that beat me for my purse that Friday night also. Nothing I can do about it now although I am sure glad that she didn't get any cash from me.

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