Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Victim of Crime

I can't believe that this actually happened but last Friday night I had my purse stolen. What a bloody pain in the ass that this has turned out to be let me tell you. So far, I've managed to get a new bank card from my bank and even getting this done, proved to be near impossible. Seems that you need identification to get identification. Go figure!

It was partly my neglect that caused this to happen which of course, just ends up making me angrier. After work, Jim and I had gone over to the mall by our place to do a little bit of shopping. I wanted to get a new shower curtain and Jim wanted a new shower head. We ended up taking longer than I had wanted to and as the mall was extremely warm, I started to get a headache. Jim still wanted to grab a milkshake but by this time, I just wanted to go home so I headed off without him.

When I got back to our apartment, I realized that I hadn't brought my keys with me so I was locked out of our unit. I did have two sets of keys from the empty units that I had been working in earlier in the day. I left a note on our door stating as I had forgotten my keys that when he got home, he could find me upstairs. No big deal really. Jim ended up getting back about twenty minutes after me.

He came upstairs and we ended up chilling up there for a bit as we had our portable stereo up there also. I had brought up most of our laundry to one of the empty units earlier in the week as the laundry room just happened to be on the same floor and I thought that it would be more convenient for me - plus it also meant that all of the dirty laundry was completely out of our apt!

Not even thinking, when I went down the hall to do some morre laundry, I didn't bother locking the apt's door. All in all, I was probably gone no more than thirty minutes but I guess that was all of the time that this person needed to enter this empty apt, see my purse lying on the floor all by its little lonesome. Scoop...in and out in no time, I should imagine. Grrrr....

It actually wasn't until Saturday morning that I ended up noticing that it was even missing. I searched all over the place even though I knew, once I had really thought about the previous evenings sequence of events, that I had never brought my purse back down to our unit when I was finished the laundry.

I even think that I know who it was that robbed me but I don't have the time to go into the details right at the moment!!! Later on though...


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