Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Garage Sale

One of the fringe benefits or perks of being a Building Manager is the amount of cast off furniture and stuff in general that you ultimately get control over to keep or discard as you see fit. You would be truly amazed at the amount of stuff that gets left behind upon a move. Sometimes it is utterly mind boggling. The majority of stuff is pure crap and the only fate awaiting it is the garbage heap. It was left behind in most cases because the tenant was too darn lazy to get rid of it himself.

But every once in awhile, you happen upon a real treasure, something that you simply can't pass up. I found a dining room set this week that fits this category to a T. Made of real teak, the tenant left behind four matching chairs plus the oval table, insert and all, because he has to give up his apartment to move in with his daughter. He, unfortunately, is unable to bring the majority of his furniture with him as she already has a fully furnished home. He has maintained his possessions exquisitely also.

Recently I've happened upon some iffy stuff - some side tables and bookcases that have most definitely seen better days - but with a little bit of paint and tidying up, have managed to transform them into items you'd be happy to have in your home! I am actually getting pretty good at sprucing stuff up. Most of this stuff I have rescued for the girl's room so I've been able to let my creative juices really flow by painting them really funky colors.

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