Saturday, February 02, 2008

Second Worse Day of My Life Con't

OK, so back to my dilemma from the other day. Two and a half years ago when all of this originally occurred, there were a total of five charges laid against me. This was my first, and what I had hoped to be my final, interaction with the authorities. Even though there were a number of questionable aspects from that evening that I knew I could bring up in court that would have resulted in all of my charges having been withdrawn, I honestly didn't want this dragging on for months and even years, so after a having my charges adjourned a few times until I could be better prepared, I decided to make an appointment with the Crown so that I could make arrangements to plead guilty and end this whole fiasco.

My appointment to see the Crown was scheduled for the first week of May, 2006. I explained to him what exactly transpired that evening the previous July. My recollection of events was a far cry from what the arresting officer had made in his disclosure that's for bloody sure! The Crown certainly seemed to be entertaining my version of that evening's events or at least enough that he would drop three of the five charges if I pleaded guilty to the remaining two. He also would be recommending to the courts that he would also be satisfied with a monetary fine of only a few hundred dollars that I could pay over a two year period. I would also have to complete a year's worth of probation, and as I had already started Methadone Maintenance Treatment four months prior to this meeting on my own initiative, no further drug conselling would be required by me.

To me, who was surprisingly naive and incredibly green regarding these legal matters, this sounded more than acceptable. He made copious notes throughout our entire meeting and said that a copy of what we had both agreed to would be drawn up and ready for my next scheduled court appearance. My final step now was simply to get the judge to give his seal of approval which he did eight days later on what I honestly believed was my final court appearance. I had to go to my first probation appointment immediately after court that day. I reported to their office and met who would be my PO for the next year.

Now, other than having to miss one scheduled appointment when I got hit by that rogue mo-ped and broke my arm, I was obsessive compulsive the rest of the time. After that, not only did I made sure that I attended each and every session, I also ensured that I allowed myself lots of extra time so that I always arrived early. So, over the next year I attended all of my probation appointments. My actual last appointment occurred on March 30, 2007 although I was completely discharged until midnight on May 9, 2007 at midnight. All things considered, I feel that I got off fairly nicely. Now, all that I wanted to do was complete the conditions set out by the courts and put this whole embarrassing mess behind me.

Obviously, I had no idea that there were still a couple of things that needed to be resolved. As mortified as I was last Tuesday morning, in hindsight, I am kind of glad that the officers came to my home nice and early, not to mention discretely attired, to take me away. It would have been hellish under any other circumstances. What if I had been out shopping in the mall with my Mother? or with Sara and Katie at the movies? or heaven forbid, at work? Yes, now a week removed from it all, it surely could have been just horrific. Again, all things considering, I am just happy that the majority of this mess, will soon be actually over.



CINDY said...

What charge did they pick you up on?

Tamra said...

Me too, me too!! still trying to follow and figure out what they arrested you for..... what went on? and how could this happen? WTF?? Please tell, inquiring minds are dying to know