Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Second Worse Day of My Life

Well, the very last thing that I ever expected to be sitting here writing about has occurred. I have just experienced one of the most surreal 24 hours imaginable. In order to fully understand all of the current events that I am about to write about and rant about and carry on about, you first should read an earlier entry of mine. I wrote Johnny 99 on August 2, 2005 and was fully convinced that this had now all been firmly put behind me. How very wrong this turned out to be.

Yesterday started out like any other normal work day. Jim and I had actually gotten up a bit early because Tuesdays are garbage day and the big garbage bins need to be removed from the garbage room and placed in front of the building for collection. We had just returned to our unit from moving the bins when my phone started to ring. It was the Lobby calling. When I answered, a female voice indicated that she was with the London Police. I thought next to nothing of this as the police are called to this building on a regular basis, as they had been to the last property that we had managed. When I opened the door to the two plainclothes officers, she then stated that they were actually here to arrest me on an outstanding warrant from June 2006. WTF?

Once they had stated this, I could no longer be out of their site etc. To say that my day sucked from here on in certainly would be a huge understatement! I rushed inside to let Jim know what was going on and he was as confused as I. ff I went. At least they had the decency to show up in an unmarked vehicle and in plain clothes so there was no undue attention drawn to us as we left the building. After I got processed at the police station, I was then taken down to the courthouse to begin the long wait to appear before a judge. I ended up having to wait with nine other females.

Except for two others who had spent most of their previous evening in a holding cell at the police station, the others had come over from the local jail. All of them were hoping to get released by any means possible and in any way, shape or form as they had already appeared before the judge and had been denied their request for release. Some of them were making their third or fourth appearance and were pretty discouraged by this point. Their collective mood certainly was doing little to instill any confidence in my being released.

As it was, I still didn't yet understand what I was even doing here in the first place. As far as I was concerned, all of this mess had been resolved in May 2006. I had even served a year of probation and during that entire time did not miss, nor was even late, for a single appointment. One would think that if there was an active warrant for my arrest that whenever I checked in with my probation officer that my file would have somehow been flagged. No, nothing. Zero, zip, nada. And if I was on the "run", I guess I wasn't doing too much or very well in my attempt to lie low or at least not draw much attention to myself? Hiding in plain site comes to mind!


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