Friday, August 12, 2005

Reach For The Sky

I have been with my present employer almost two years now and of all of the places that I have worked in my life, I have to admit that this is one of the nicer places that I have worked at. They have pretty decent health benefits for us and they are nothing but accommodating and flexible regarding my schedule. The pay is slightly higher than the average for the type of work that I do and it is certainly enough of an income to survive on and then some. I know that I am over qualified for what I actually do but it is a trade-off. There have been months when my attendance has been kind of dicey and when many others may have lost patience and fired my ass, this company gives another chance with no questions asked. This fact alone has made me a pretty loyal employee and I suspect that I will be there as long as they will have me.

I have also been given two promotions since starting there and both of them were initiated by management. I was told each time that I was being reassigned and given new responsibilities and a pay raise with each move. This is something else that has obviously pleased me as it is nice to be recognized and rewarded by management. This week an internal posting was advertised in a position that I would be better suited in plus it is also a position that I have lots of work experience already. Of course, I applied for it. Me and thirteen other people! Ouch! I don’t think that the company even has forty employees right now. So…Competition is going to be kind of tough. I had my first interview today out of I believe two and I think that it went extremely well. Of the other applicants, there are no other females which may bode well for me. In fact, there are only a handful of females in this company at all as it is part of the tech industry, an area which seems to attract mostly males. The two interviewers today were female, something my husband thinks will be to my advantage.

I really hope so cause I very much want this job. I would have my very own office and would work more regular hours plus it is a substantial increase in pay - about $450 per pay before deductions - which is a significant enough amount that it would be noticed. Fingers crossed that my second interview goes as well. I guess that they want to have the position filled by Monday or Tuesday next week at the latest so at least I won’t have to stress too long about it.

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