Friday, January 21, 2005

IMM - Irregular Male Moodswing

I swear my boyfriend is suffering from IMM - Irregular Male Mood swing! He has been acting like a right lunatic these past couple of days. I don't have the time to detail the last day and a half but I do have time to recount are last interaction prior to me leaving for work and leaving shaking my head and muttering to myself in utter confusion that's for sure...Sara and I went out today just before 3pm so that I could go grab my paycheck and do some banking. Today was also the day that they were handing out the money for the most recent staff incentive/contest. I was part of the team that had the best attendance/absenteeism for the duration of the contest so I "won" an extra $100 (and they gave it to us is cash which means we didn't have part of it deducted on our pay which was tres cool).

Anyway, just as we were walking out the door I asked him if he would like us to bring anything back with us and he said that no he was fine. Sara and I do our thing and arrive home about two hours later. The moment that we walk in the door, he asks what food did we bring him then gets upset because we answer nothing. Blah, blah, blah. Silly me for taking nothing, I am fine to actually mean that. So as I am getting ready for work I order a pizza and wings. I am about to head back out the door with Sara who is coming with me because she is going to a friend's for the evening when he says something like, what, you're not eating? I am like, yeah, gotta go to work and he is like, well why did you order food then? I am like, what the ....Were you not complaining less than a half hour ago about the lack of food that we brought home with us? Again stupid me for assuming that you were actually hungry. No I guess you just felt like messing with me some more for the day. Refused to take the bait and walked out the door. Boy work has never looked so good as it has this week - I mean I actually worked a 12 hour shift yesterday. Come on!!

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