Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Been Away but Now Back

Haven't been around for a while but I am back!!!! With the Christmas season, I just didn't have enough time to do everything that I wanted to do so something had to get overlooked. I have also been quite distracted by my sewing of late. If anyone knows me they will know that I came to sewing quite late in my life - less than four years ago - but I have embraced it with an obsession like nothing else. I love to sew. I can never get too much and the beauty about this is that I am actually quite good at it which to anyone that knows me at all is a major shock. My entire life I have shown absolutley no artistic talent except for writing so when I expressed an interest in learning to sew everyone thought that this was it, I had finally lost it!

Shock of shocks that I am actually very talented when it comes to sewing. I am now designing my own clothes and can turn nothing into something in no time. I love fabric stores. I can spend an entire day in one and never lose interest. I love the feel of fabric and the look of the colours. I have a passion for taffeta in particular. I can't get enough of it. It is the most stunning material that I know. The colours, the texture, the weight, the drape...I could go on. I have taffeta everywhere in my house - my duvet cover, my bedroom curtains, all of my pillows except for one in my living room, boxes, notebooks, lampshaades, throw rugs, table clothes...if something can be covered you better believe that it is covered in taffeta. Drives my boyfriend nuts although he is getting used to our duvet cover's slipperiness because it actually is nice and warm.

A little while ago, I designed a couple of patterns for a modified knapsack that I started using as gift bags whenever I gave a present. As you can imagine, I have a lot of sewing to do over the Christmas holidays to get what I call my Serena Sacks made. Normally I make them from scraps of leftover material but this year I lucked out so I actually bought new material to make my sacks. Christmas Eve I stopped in - what was supposed to be quickly - to Fabricland to pick up some needles and thread and as I was browsing I noticed that they had their taffeta on sale for a ridiculously low price! This is fabric that rarely goes on sale and is on average about $20/m so when I saw all this lovely fabric on for $4.49/m to $8/m (double width even) I almost had a cardiac arrest. I didn't know where to look or what to grab or what to do. All other thoughts completely left my head. Poof, gone as I was lost in a maze of shimmering, billowing fabric. I bought a ton with no real goal in mind other than my Serena Sacks and I didn't need anywhere near the amount that I bought for what I actually needed to make but whatever....

So pretty much since Christmas I have been sewing and now my back is sore, my eyes kind of tired and my boyfriend tired of having to pick threads out of everything - I swear I have no idea how they got in the dishwasher!!! So I am back. I am taffeta-ed out untiil the next time. Hope that everyone is having a wonderful New Year so far...

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