Tuesday, January 18, 2005

gorgeous poverty of created needs

Wow what a crazy day today turned out to be. I had a few errands to run this afternoon. Took me about an hour. I was home about an hour when Jim's Mom phoned to let us know that the roads were unbelievably treacherous and to stay off of them unless we absolutely had to go out. I couldn't believe it as it had been barely an hour since I had been out and there had been no hint of bad weather. We live on the eighth floor so when I looked outside once she had called I could not believe how crazy the weather was. Snow was blowing everywhere and the roads had filled with snow in no time. Cars were swerving all over the place. By the time I had to go to work, the storm had been raging for about 3 hours so the roads were pretty bad. Snowploughs had yet to appear. It took about an hour to get to work which was about 45 minutes longer than normal!

I don't know how I feel right now. I was so depressed last week that I am still feeling the residue of it this week. Don't really know the reason for my apathy but it is rendering me useless. The house still looks fine but I know that I should be vacuuming and dusting. The laundry is piling up and I still need to put all the Christmas decorations away although my daughter wants to leave the Christmas tree up - a la Garden State. I think that it should be packed back up but as I am not feeling too inclined to actually do this, it remains untouched in the living room. At least it is artificial so no imminent fire hazard. My daughter still troubles me but I am pretending that all is well with the world but I dread her first report card. I know that she has slacked off and my not constantly harassing her to do her homework and assignments will surely have a negative effect. I hate not having money. This pay to pay is truly breaking my spirit. At least we still have a beautiful roof over our head but I wish that we had more food in the cupboards and fridge and wish that I had some rainy day money but right now I am finding it hard to find an extra dollar to even buy a coffee on my break. I know that I should do my tax return from last year, and the two years prior to last, as I would have a huge amount of money just from the Child Tax Credit and GST but again my apathy prevents me from completing something that would so obviously help not only me but my whole family.

Oh whatever is wrong with me...

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