Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feeling Gutted

Don't know what is wrong with me today - or more accurately what was wrong with me. Now that I am at work, I seem to have woken up somewhat. Could not stay conscious today to save my life. Almost died when my husband woke me up to tell me that it was almost six. Goodness, I had just an hour to get my act together and myself to work. I had essentially slept my entire day away. For the first half hour at work my stomach was somewhat unsettled but now that it is almost 11pm, I feel a lot better.

Nothing of excitement to report so far this year. My daughter just finished her first set of high school exams and seemed to sail thru them without any nerves. This fact alone has definitely unnerved me. Went with her yesterday so that she could get a piercing above her lip - this is called either a Monro piercing or a Madonna piercing depending on the piercer I guess. Cause she went on a Wednesday I only had to pay $30 for this pleasure - every Wednesday the shop features any piercing at all for the amazing price of $30. I guess that this would normally cost $60 so I suppose I should be grateful of this savings. My husband hasn't seen it yet because she slept over at Meg's house last night. Can't wait for his reaction though. It will definitely be worth the price of admission that's for sure. He will not be impressed but he will be less impressed with the fact that I not only gave my permission but also paid for this nonsense.

Oops. Ok must go on my break or I will end up missing it.

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