Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sew, Sew, Sew Your Boat

Just kind of messing around on the computer right now cause I am not feeling remotely motivated to do much of anything else. We had the weekend off so I am just trying to enjoy the last few remaining hours. We also took Friday off as they owed us a few days off - five in total so far - so seemed like as good a time as any to take an extra long weekend. The previous two weeks of work turned out to be pretty hectic so that extra day was very much needed!

Didn't end up doing much of anything this weekend as it turned out. We did a little bit of shopping on Saturday but nothing special. Bought a few things for the house. I went to Fabricland with my Mom on Friday so I bought some more fabric to do a little bit of sewing in the near future. I recently bought a brand new sewing machine as well as a serger - amazing what one can buy when you remove a life with no expensive addictions from the equation! Shocking n'est pas? I still find myself amazed when I've actually got a bit of money saved up in my bank account. I am still not quite used to this feeling yet and actually hope that I never do get used to it - should keep me honest so to speak. Anyway, I really wanted both machines and as I could well afford them both, I went ahead and treated myself.

I have yet to use the serger because it looks kind of on the complicated side and the manual is not quite clear enough for me but am in no rush. I just know that this was something that I've always wanted to get as I know that once I do end up mastering it, it will be a wonderful addition to my sewing arsenal. So on this note, I think that I shall go and check out my new sewing machine which can do 88 different stitches - about 70 more than my last one!

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