Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Then Of Course It Must Be True

I’m not exactly sure when the dynamics of my relationship with my daughter actually changed but this much I do know, it is not remotely the same and for this, I am pretty devastated. We’ve always been fairly close and I’ve been lucky enough to have been allowed to enjoyed her company on many occasions. While she tends to be a social creature by nature, hanging out with groups of friends most days, there are many a weekend night that she has ignored her friend’s pleas to go out to spend a quiet evening with her mother. Plus, I’ve never had to prompt her to do this as she is more than happy to do this all on her own.

I am fairly certain that this most recent, ugly behaviour of hers is also very much a direct result of my prior treatment of her. Right now, more than ever, I am also very much aware of the high cost that is just now resulting due to my previous excessive over-indulgence of  her every whim basically.  In the past, I’ve been guilty of spoiling her rather excessively and would most likely still be spoiling her except for the fact that she now seems to have developed a serious attitude that no matter what I attempt to do doesn’t matter cause then this gives her the   . Obviously, this was very much driven by my guilt over my selfishness with my opiate addiction and the cost of it on this family

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