Saturday, October 13, 2007

Material World

Before I even begin, you know what I'm not terribly crazy about when it comes to blogging? Well, of course you don't, so let me tell you! I absolutely tremble with fear and cringe in horror whenever I get to the point where I have to title my post. For the most part, I never really know what to call any of my entries. I am clueless.

On very rare occassions, I'll have a brief flash of absolute brilliance where everything just seems to fall into place, but these moments honestly tend to be fairly rare. Pretty much what I end up doing is relying on song titles from one of my three favourite bands. This would be called cheating and this would be correct, but I absolutely, without fail, find this method the less stressful route of all.

I'm not sure why I used an old Madonna title for today's entry as she's not one of my three favourites, nor do I expect this title to be even remotely relative to what I plan on actually writing. Yet for whatever reason, this is the title I want to use. Oh the logic of the female.

Well after Thanksgibving's relatively stressfree visit with my Mother, I decided to push my luck some more and attempt to meet her this week for a couple of hours of shopping. Just the girls. Surprise, surprise. Again we managed to spend two and a half hours in each other's company without resorting to any sort of schoolyard type behaviour. Neither one of us resorted to past behaviours and were able to treat the other with a level of respect and decency I'm not at all familiar with when dealing with my Mother.

Maybe she has finally grown up which would be absolutely divine, because I never really did care for the near two years of us not communitcating. It was an enforced silence eventually initiated by myself as a means of survival and self preservation. If I could have handled it any other way believe me, I would have but after 41 years of doing it her way with no success, my options had pretty much run out. Again, I'll go into all of the graphic details at a later time as I simply don't have enough time right now nor do I have the fortitude to start what I know will be an entry of near epic proportions. One day very soon though.

Anyway, we met to do a bit of light shopping and eating. On the weekend she showed me what she really wanted for Christmas and where I could get it. She wanted a two slice fancy toaster from Superstore as hers was near dead and this particular toaster would match the majority of her current kitchen appliances. I didn't care if Christmas was like ten weeks away still. If this is what she really wanted I decided that the smartest thing to do would be to grap it as fast as I could while they were still in stock as well as while I had the funds availablre. This is so not like me as I'm one of those terrible day before present shoppers. I'm sure many of us recovering as well as current addicts are also as we all know how well us addicts are with financial planning and planning in general - we are but only if there is dope involved!

Weird buying appliances and clothing at a grocery store - bought Sara and Katie each a tshirt and tank top from their JOE line of clothing - and absolutely no groceries but hey, it was definitely something new to try! We had a bit of lunch there and then went across the street to a Shoppers Drug Mart because my Mother wanted to buy me a foundation that she knows I like but would never be so extravagant and actually buy it for myself - the foundation and powdered compact that she got me to put away until Christmas was $67 with tax. Insane, n'est pas? She called this one dead correct.

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