Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marilyn Who?

Trust my daughter to cause me no end of anxiety and irritation. I suppose that's what they're here for anyway - to keep their parents inline and on their toes!

For the girls successfully completing Grade Eleven in the spring, Jim and I treated them each to a ticket to the Marilyn Manson concert in Toronto which is being held this month, on August 10th. This is their current favourite band so they were over the moon that we got them tickets before they sold out cause they are playing at the Amphitheater which holds approx 20 000 if even that. Combined the the tickets cost us $156 - no small amount.

As part of the deal, they promised that they would help me with some chores - ensuring that the kitchen is always clean or pretty darn close plus cleaning out the litter boxes of their four cats. Neither chore is terrible either so I thought that Jim and I were being way reasonable. Other than having to remind them about three times a week what their chores are, for the most part, they have been pretty good. They also promised that they would have jobs so that they could pay for their transportation to this event. They've also had three months to do this too.

Now they're teenagers so of course their word and promises don't always translate correctly - far from it. I managed to get them a job working with the same company that employs both Jim and myself. For each apartment they clean, they get $50, no deductions either. This is pretty easy money also because they don't go into the unit at all until all of the painting has been done as well as the carpets cleaned or replaced. With the two of them working together, it takes them approx one hour to an hour and a half max to do a really great job. So far this summer, they've cleaned ten units for a total of $500. They've also been hired by one of the other Building Managers which means now they'll end up getting approx double the work. Of course, all of this money has long been spent as well as the pocket money that Jim and I continue to give them.

They got a second job each but their first pay cheques will not be ready until after the concert but each of their cheques will be approx $480 each! Also by then, their next cleaning cheques will be ready. As you can imagine they are in a panic and begging us for money which of course, I will give them.

Now when I touched on the topic of repayment, I pretty much struck a brick wall, an illogical brick wall I might add. Sara says that she was really, really hoping that when all of her money came in that she didn't want to have to pay any of it out for prior debts. Excuse me? Oh yes, about two weeks ago, I payed off all of Sara and Katie's personal debts i.e. money they had borrowed from their friends. What did they expect would be happening had their money arrived before the concert? Wouldn't they have to take money from their cheques? Of course they would but whenever it comes to the Bank of Mom the rules are extremely flexible!

No matter, I can't help it, I'll end up doing this cause I'm a sap and a pushover. Below are recent images of my little darlings. First Sara, then Katie. Clicking on the small image will open up the actual image in all of its glory! Take care.

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