Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leaving On A Greyhound

Well here I am with the apartment all to myself - for a moment anyway. Jim should be up from the garbage room any second. Big weekend for me and my girls. They left yesterday morning on a Greyhound bus for Toronto and are not returning until Sunday evening leaving Toronto at 7:30pm. For all of us, this is huge. It is the first time that they have been away from us, out of town and doing it all on their own. Very proud - but equally nerve wracking moment for their Mama dearest!

About three months ago, just as their school year was coming to an end, we bought them Slayer/Marilyn Manson tickets for the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. The concert was for Friday, August 10. For both tickets, it cost us $156 but we felt it was well worth it as they had done well in school and had been a pretty good help to me when we were moving house. We picked up their return bus tickets on Thursday evening and with their student card, were able to purchase them for $98.80 total. I wanted to make sure that whatever luggage they brought was in good shape with no rips or tears or broken straps or zippers so I also bought them each a brand new knapsack which they didn't expect at all.

Jim had about a dozen Toronto subway tokens left over from one of our TO visits so we gave them to the girls so it will be easier, hopefully, for them to get around. I gave them $120 in spending money. Luckily they don't have to worry about accomodation because they are staying with a friend who originally is from London but had moved to Toronto last year. At least they will be with someone that will be more familiar with the city than the two of them on their own.

I am so proud of them and equally worried to death that they will arrive home tomorrow evening safe and sound. We've at least received a text message from them this morning in which they said all was going fantastically, that they're having the time of their life.

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