Tuesday, September 02, 2008

introducing...CANADA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!

...well, not really, but I must confess that I do take a certain amount of perverse delight watching her reaction whenever I do start teasing her about sending in her photos to the show and entering her as a contestant! She, for some reason, doesn't seem to find this anywhere near as funny as her Mom, does!...OK doesn't every Mom in the whole wide world think that her child is simply magnificent?

Anyway, here are some recent pics of my daughter that I had fun playing around with today using PSP XI. Enjoy.


Pookie said...

Your daughter is gorgeous; congratulations! She could definitely become a model, and probably do very well at it.

I'm a recovering addict as well, and I stumbled across your blog today; I'm finding it hard to stop reading, but I'm at work so I must! I'll be back though.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!! You aren't too far off with saying she's Canada's next Top Model...she's definitely got it!