Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jim Has Been Stabbed

There really is no easy way to say any of this stuff. Right now, all that I know is that in less than a minute, your whole life can change. This all resulted while we were simply doing our job. All that we were doing was responding to a routine noise complaint from another tenant on an otherwise quiet Monday afternoon. Although I was glad that Jim didn't have to go through all of this alone, if I could get these horrible images out of my head right now, I would. I witnessed the entire beating. I wish I could have helped more but there was too many of them. They were half our age and obviously bigger and stronger . I will explain more later. I came home for a bit to have a shower, to change and to check on the girls. I am about to return to the hospital. When I left an hour and a half ago, there was no change. He hasn't woken up yet and he is still on a machine to help him breathe - they punctured both his liver and a lung and the doctors had to cut open his chest during the second surgery. He's strong and right now I have to believe he'll come out of this OK. Peace to all.

Three arrests in stabbing
Tue, May 13, 2008

Three persons have been arrested in relation to a stabbing at 951 Wonderland Rd., London city police said today.

A 41-year-old man was taken to hospital yesterday with life-threatening injuries by ambulance after police responded to a call at the apartment building near the Westmount mall at about 5:45 p.m.

No names have been released yet, but the major crime unit of London Police Services is questioning suspects today and continuing their investigation.

Man, 41, in hospital with life-threatening injuries
Tue, May 13, 2008

A 41-year-old man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after an apparent stabbing in London's southwest end late yesterday.

The victim, whose name wasn't released, was taken by ambulance to London Health Science Centre's Victoria Hospital, paramedics said.

Three people were arrested, police said in a brief news release. No names were released, and there was no indication charges had been laid.

The incident took place at 951 Wonderland Rd. South, near the Westmount Shopping Centre, around 5:30 p.m. The area is home to many high-rise apartment buildings.

One caller to The Free Press had earlier reported a large number of emergency vehicles, including police cars, gathered at the scene.

It's uncertain whether the injured man lived at the address where police found him.

"The investigation is unfolding rapidly," London police Staff Sgt. Tom Gaffney said last night.


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mary blackchurch said...

So sorry to read this, I hope Jim is well on the road to a full recovery. The world can be a scarey place these days..no, I guess it's always been that way.

My thoughts are with.