Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suffer Well

Jim and I have to go to a funeral in the morning. I've only been to three other funerals in my entire life, which is a good thing I suppose. One of our friends from high school committed suicide four days ago. He had been suffering from depression for decades now, and I guess his wife of nine years leaving him recently was just too much for him. He had moved back in with his parents so it was his mother that found him. Even though at one point in our lives, we had all been close, we hadn't really seen him in the past decade. Out of respect for his parents, though, we are going. Jim's folks and his still live in the same small town we all grew up in, and they both attend the same church each and every Sunday. I hope that is suffering is over and that he has finally managed to find some peace.

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Nellie said...

panswI just wanted to say, first, thank you so much for offering to help me get ahold of those movies. I may take you up on that. I'm going to search for them one more time around here this weekend but if I can't find em maybe we could figure something out.That's really nice of you.
Also, in regards to my cop post, I think in general Canadians are more chill and thoughtful than Americans. Probably even the cops. Maybe they don't have to be so tough up there because the people aren't as crappy to deal with. Of course there is crime in Canada too, but Canadians just don't have the reputation of being as big assholes as us Americans. Wow, something to be proud of...yeah right, huh?
And I can totally understand how you would have mixed feelings about cops and crime based on what happened to you guys a while back. I read some of your posts about that and it was really messed up what happened to your husband. Sometimes people are really crazy and it's so wrong that they take it out on totally innocent people. It's just such a shame that the people who probably deserve a little brutality never get it and the ones who don't deserve it get more than their fair share. I'm so sorry that happened to you guys.
Sorry this comment is so long...but I read your post about your friend's suicide and that is sad too. I really do feel for him and his family. But having had a mom who attempted half-assed, cry-for-help suicide acts on a regular basis my whole life, I have a little bit of anger towards people who do that. I think suicide is kind of selfish. And his Mom found him? She must be so sad. I know he was hurting and he's probably happier now, but what about the people he left behind? Even though you guys haven't been close for a while, it still must be a bit heart breaking to deal with. I think it's probably a good decision to go to the funeral, if you didn't you may wish you had later on.
Anyway, thanks for the comments and offering to help me get those movies, that's really cool. Peace.