Thursday, January 08, 2009

Running On Empty

Finally, I am home. I am exhausted, done in, tired beyond belief, shattered, barely unconscious, almost horizontal...I think that you all get the picture. Since getting my drivers license almost twenty eight years ago, except for the past two years, I have always had my own vehicle, and for many years we were a two car family. While I very rarely regret our decision to give up our truck, certainly there are times, when it would be very convenient to have a vehicle at my disposal. Today, most definitely, would have been one of those days.

I had an appointment with one of my doctors at the PTSD Clinic today for 11am, a time I normally would not remotely consider early. As the weather this morning was particularly nasty, I knew that there was a very good chance that public transportation would most likely be running a bit behind schedule. To ensure that I wasn't late for my appointment, I left home with what should have been more than enough time for me not to arrive late. Boy, obviously I couldn't have been more wrong! What normally should have been a twenty five minute bus ride turned into an hour and twenty minute exodus of sorts, not to mention that I ended up having to walk on unshoveled sidewalks for a large portion of my trip! Grrr....

Now, one of the things that I learned rather quickly upon becoming a user of mass transportation was the importance of always being properly dressed, especially if you want to ensure a pleasant and comfortable trip. Nothing sucks harder than being improperly dressed and having to face a near hour jaunt across town when you are so hot but unable to remove any more articles of clothing without the fear of being charged with indecent exposure! You have to get used to not being able to wear those four inch killer stilletos with that cute spring jacket anymore if you no longer have a vehicle parked waiting for you in that beautiful heated garage - trust me, nothing kills that I'm feeling oh so sexy feeling when its freezing cold and you've still got approximately ten more blocks to walk before you reach your final destination, and the very last thing you want to be wearing are those bloody uncomfortable shoes and paper thin jacket that would be lucky to keep you warm in the middle of summer in Cuba!

My appointment finished just after twelve, and as soon as it was done, I headed over to the grocery store to grab some food. I was able to take a bit of a breather once I got home, while I waited for Jim to get ready to go out, as we both still needed to go to the clinic. Off we went. I literally was traveling back in the direction from where I had just been, but at least this time, I had company. With the bus delays and now rush hour traffic, our return trip ended up taking close to three hours. As the pharmacy that we go to for our methadone didn't have one of the prescriptions that my doctor had written for me earlier today - who doesn't have Paxil in stock by the by? - I still needed to do one more thing before I finally got home for the day. Said bye to Jim once we had reached our apartment then I continued on for another five minutes until I got to the Shoppers by our home.

Of course, when I handed in my script to the pharmacist, she announced that they were extremely busy this evening and were running about an hour behind. Colour me shocked. Pretty much par for the course for me today.Luckily for me, my girlfriend who works in the cosmetics dept at this Shoppers just happened to be working this evening.  Bless her heart as she offered me my first real relief of the day. When she finishes at eleven, she's going to drop my scripts off to me so I don't have to make another trip anywhere at all today! Sweetness, indeed. As it was, I didn't end up coming through my door until almost 7:30 this evening.

But now, this is all behind me. I am sitting comfortably on one of my couches typing madly away, and with each keystroke typed, all of the tension is disappearing, soon to be forgotten!

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