Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lady of Leisure

For the longest time, I have wanted a chaise lounge, but everytime I came close to almost buying one, something inevitabley came up that was of greater importance. As I have never really been a materialistic person, this never bothered me much cause I knew one day I'd eventually get one. Today was my day! For the past year and a half, my Mom has wanted to get a new couch for her living room. Although the couch that she had didn't so much as have even a pulled thread, she has had it for twenty one years and was just really tired of looking at it. I know, insane. In the length of time she has had this one piece of furniture, I have gone through three and am now on my fourth - all purchased brand new but with kids and cats and husbands and the ever decreasing quality of products in general and the apparent difference in both of our purchasing abilities, this really comes as no surprise.

So today was the day that we were hitting the furniture stores in our quest to find her something truly stunning. We actually managed to accomplish this two hours into the search and at the third furniture store. While she was chatting to the sales lady, I spied the chaise lounge of my dreams. It was exactly what I was looking for if I had actually been looking for one. Begging me to recline, I walked excitedly over to it, tentatively running my hand over the slightly nubby fabric. It was a rich chocolate brown with duck egg blue and beige circles as its pattern. It couldn't have been more perfect had I designed it myself.

When my Mom walked by me, I joked about it being my dream piece of furniture that I had been lusting after for an eternity. She asked me how much and when I told her, she said OK, she would buy it for me. Now, I almost fell off my little slice of heaven. Admittedly it was on sale for a fantastic price - only $399, marked down from $798, plus no taxes today either. Apparently, she had budgeted a certain amount for herself and as she hadn't reached her limit, she could afford to do this for me. Obviously, I'll need to think of a suitable thank you!

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