Sunday, November 11, 2007

Confessions of a Party Mom

Confessions of a Party Mom

We'd all finished dinner, and we kicked off our shoes and watched as our host showed off his new Technics turntables, a present from his wife. It was his 40th-birthday party, and a group of us had come to stay at his house in Devon. One mum went upstairs to check all the children were asleep. Including my three-year-old, there were 10 children staying, aged from six months to five years. No sooner had we been given the all-clear than two of the five dads got out wraps of cocaine and began chopping out lines on the table. Are we a group of rock stars, DJs and supermodels? No, we're city bankers, lawyers, housewives, entrepreneurs: professional urbanites doing what many parents do on a fairly regular basis. MORE

So rarely do any articles take this particular stance, at least not publicly. I suspect most parents or even adults do not want to leave one with the impression they may be irresponsible or negligent in their parental duties. Simply ones taking of drugs from time to time should not automatically condemn them for all eternity, although in this day and age, this all too often is what actually occurs.

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erinsav said...

Well I can say that I have a five year old, that would have made him three and four throughout the worst of my addiction to Oxycontin...I wasn't a good mom. I was there in body, but my heart and mind wanted only one thing, to get high.

I wasn't a good mom during that time, it was impossible for me to be when my addiction was #1. It hurts to admit it but it is true.