Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Angel of the Morning

All things considering. my teenage daughter and I have a fairly fantastic relationship. I trust her judgment for the most part and feel that she is quite mature for her age. I respect most of her decisions and do my best to be supportive of her endeavors. There certainly have been times when I’ve had unilaterally veto one of her plans but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Now all of this being said, sometimes I find her behavior is more than enough to drive me completely, absolutely certifiably insane. It always seems like it is the little things that end up pushing me over the edge also. Yesterday evening and today would be classic Sara - and Katie - stuff. Before they were able to do anything yesterday, they had to pick up the massive pile of clothes that had been growing on their bedroom floor for the past week and a half. Combined with the clothes was an odd assortment of other crap, so much so that one could no longer see their carpet. I felt that this was a more than reasonable request.

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