Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now I Am Mad

Pretty much my title says it all. My site is still not back up and running nor have I received the site emailed to me as the original Terms of Service promised when I decided to place my site at its location. Any of my recent emails to the webmaster have also been returned to me as undeliverable so now I am also concerned as well as mad.

My most recent email stated the following - it was a response to my initial question of what had happened to my site and his response of removing some inactive sites that may have been causing the server problems:

"Not sure which of my emails you've recently received because I've had a few undeliverable so if this a duplicate then my apologies.

Please reinstate my web site ASAP. Admittedly I had only been updating once a month lately because of circumstances but I still had been updating way more frequently and recently than some. The highlighted ones below all have entries that are older than my most recent one. As I can't access any of my material, I don't remember the exact date of my last update but I know that it has definitely been within the past month. I certainly do not consider this an inactive site especially as you had previously advised us you wouldn't archive sites until at least three.

Kel July
Seedless July
blake March
Bonkers May
Beautiful Disaster July
Paint it Black June
Kitten July
Naomi April
Ogre June
Peregoric Kid July
Junkyard saint July
History of Madness Feb
Saturine July
Hacker May
b1ll1 April
sweetdreams July

If you are unable to put it back up then could you at least send the site to me? I have to admit that this has really upset me especially as you didn't notify me beforehand and I hadn't any idea what was even going on. Just checked it a few miinutes ago and it is still down.

Thanks... "

What's a girl to do???

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