Monday, February 27, 2006

Thunder Road

I have another journal at why do anything when you can forget everything? and I tend to update that more frequently than I do here. I like it here and all but I just don't have the time to update both although I am sure going to start making time as I see livejournal has sure done a lot of updates and I like them!

Well, I woke up this morning in a fantastic mood and I am still shaking my head in near disbelief cause this is truly a unique position for me. Don’t want to lose that vibe either! Jim even had a coffee all ready for me to drink when I opened my eyes. Wonderful. We will also be getting the truck back today around twelve so another good thing. Finally. Looks like the bill is going to be about $4900 but at least we will now have a vehicle with a brand new engine and a one year warranty on the rebuild. Oh yeah.

Now if I could just get my eyes to stop watering all would be good. At least my nose is not running as much as normal. It seems the moment that I get into work, my eyes literally start tearing. They don’t quite go bloodshot but they have this sheen to them, they kind of glisten. I will be leaving to grab my dose of methadone in a half an hour or so so hopefully this will put an end to this.

This past week and weekend we were pretty low on funds. I don’t get paid until this Friday and Jim’s parents were away so he wasn’t getting the normal money that he gets from them. Thank goodness they got back yesterday cause they dropped a hundred in our account so I was able to grab some groceries last night after work plus grab a couple of pills. The only things around were 100mg morphine so I only grabbed a few of them. I used to be a huge morphine fan way back when but lately I find them irritating at best although they do seem to break through my dose of methadone and the dilaudids definitely do not. I did a hit last night but left the rest for Jim cause he is not yet on methadone and is not sure if he even wants to go on it. I got off on the morphine just fine though.

The moment that I did it I felt my insides start to warm up and then tingle. I could feel my face turning a bright red. Morphine affects me beautifully when I nail that vein just right. Then the itch starts, that warm, comforting itch. Gotta love that. It takes about ten minutes for my skin to calm down. It is so obvious to anyone that knows when I do a hit of morphine. Must be that fair, Irish complexion of mine!

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